Saturday, February 18, 2023

Tandy 1000 Gray and Peach Label Releases

When Tandy released its Tandy 1000 computer in November, 1984, it needed software to tell that would demonstrate the system's PC compatibility and its enhanced features.  Tandy had been both a software developer as well as publisher for its TRS-80 computers and its Color Computer, but those were computers that Tandy had brought into the world.  For the Tandy 1000, Tandy was entering into a market already established by IBM and already had a very large number of software developers publishing for that platform.  As the Tandy 1000 maintained a large degree of PCjr. compatibility and was essentially PC compatible, there was already a significant number of titles which could take advantage of the enhanced graphics and sound derived from the PCjr.  Companies like Sierra On-line and Spinnaker Software had invested heavily in PCjr. software and were eager to find additional avenues to sell their games, even more so once IBM announced it was discontinuing the PCjr. in March, 1985.  Tandy was happy to make publishing deals if they released Tandy 1000 specific versions of their games.  Let's look at those versions.