Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Winnie the Pooh Tandy/PCjr. Graphics Recolorization

Recently, I learned that Winnie the Pooh had support for Tandy/PCjr. graphics and 3-voice sound.  However, whoever was responsible for the colorization either must have had cloudy memories of the Pooh cartoons or problems with perceiving colors.  I took a screenshot for each character and tried to make them closer to their colors from the Disney films.  I made sure to only use the 16 RGBI colors available to the Tandy/PCjr. and not to do violence to the backgrounds.

The real graphics are on the left side, my retouched graphics are on the right side.

The Pooh Bear doll only needed to turn the shirt from light magenta to light red.

Rabbit's correct fur color is somewhere in the yellow range, but there is only one yellow available, so he blends into the background.

Kanga needs to be brown.  As with Rabbit, the brown makes her blend into the background quite a bit.

Again, only the color of Pooh's shirt needs to be changed.  The CGA composite color graphics gave a good color here.

Piglet is mostly colored in hues of pink.  His shirt is alternating pink and black stripes.  If I were the line artist, I would have drawn the green area thinner.  I went back and forth whether to use light red or light magenta, but light magenta seems somewhat closer in hue to most Piglet drawings.

Christopher Robin's hair is usually some shade of brown, not blond.  To make him less Aryan-like, I redid his hair so it would brown with black for its contours.  Unfortunately there was nothing good I could do for a flesh tone, RGBI is lacking in this area.

Roo almost always wears a blue shirt, so in addition to the brown skin, I used the best blue in the palette.

Owl needed his beak adjusted to yellow. Owl's eyes are a two-tone brown, but since I only have one brown, I decided to use light gray to distinguish the area around his eyes from the rest of his body.


Eeyore can appear in blue or gray tones, so I give you an alternate Eeyore. I would have used dark gray for his main color, but it blended too much into the background, so I used light gray instead and magenta for his inner ear.

Like Pooh, Tigger uses an inappropriate light magenta color. Light red is by far the better choice and was used for CGA composite color.

All in all, I can understand that Sierra wanted to make this game more colorful for younger children. Given the limited palette they had available, their colors are decent choices for the most part, except for the strange substitutions of light magenta for light red for Tigger and Pooh.


Anonymous said...
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idspispopd said...

Very interesting. I actually played the game a bit with my kids using ScummVM and they enjoyed it. Maybe it would be worthwhile to configure DOSBOX.
I also tried running the Amiga version, but since I have no experience in Amiga emulation I couldn't get it to run.